Step by Step Dipping Directions

Every dipper has their own processes, but this is my process!

1. Prep your nails (push back cuticles, clip off any hang nails, buff the nail *lightly*, just enough to remove natural shine).

2. Wash your hands/nails with Dawn dish soap. Apply some type of dehydrator if you have one, or just wipe your nails with rubbing alcohol.

3. Using Step 2 (base) liquid, paint half of your nail and dip into or pour over the color of your choice.

4. Let dry for a few seconds and brush off excess powder with a blush brush or toothbrush.

5. Using Step 2 (base) liquid, paint 3/4 of your nail and dip. Let dry. Brush off excess powder.

6. Do two full nail dips using directions above, making sure to use a toothpick or orange stick to go around the natural cuticle line to remove excess powder and/or liquid.

7. Activate (Step 3) by applying liberally and let dry. Your nails will get very hard and cloudy looking.

8. Buff and file to your liking. Don't be afraid to buff! Most bumps and lumps can be resolved with buffing.

9. Activate again and let dry.

10. Wipe with alcohol.

11. Apply one coat of top coat (Step 4) thinly and quickly.

12. Immediately after fishing the first coat of top coat, do a second and let dry.

13. Snap a picture and share for us to see! 📸