Do you have a question about the dipping process? Read below! Chances are, your question has been asked before! 

1. Will nail dip damage my nails? No. Nail dip won't damage your natural nail, as long as you remove them properly (soaking in acetone or using a peel base).

2. Can I redip over a current manicure to fix mistakes? Yes. Buff off the topcoat and as much of your current color as you'd like, then redip.

3. Why are my nails lumpy? Buff! Don't be afraid to buff. Most imperfections can be fixed by buffing and filing.

4. Do I need to buy a clear dip? Short answer, no. Long answer, yes. Clear isn't absolutely necessary, but it is very helpful. It is used most often over top of glitters/foils to protect them from buffing. Personally, I use it over everything. It helps make a more polished, finished look. 

5. Do I need a nail drill? Not necessarily. Some people love them, some people don't see the need. I use one for removal (buff off a few coats before soaking in acetone to save time). Regardless of how you use it, use caution! Cuticles don't like a nail drill!

6. What's this apex method everyone loves? This is a method to create a natural looking curve to your nail. It builds strength and helps lengthen the life of your mani. You'll be able to find some videos on YouTube to provide a visual.

7. Can I mix my liquid and powder brands? Yep! Any dip liquid brand can be used with any dip powder brand. 

8. Why do people keep talking about tooth brushes? Some people prefer to use a stiff brush like a toothbrush or pedicure brush to remove excess powder between dips. Others use a blush brush. 

9. Is a .25 oz really enough? Yep! Depending on nail length, you can get 6-7 full manis from 0.25 ounce jar.

10. How do I prevent my liquids from sealing shut? Nail dip base/top coats are essentially brushable nail glue. To keep your liquids from sealing shut, there are a few things you should do: be neat! Try not to get the liquids on the outside of the bottle necks. After opening and using for the first time, it isn't necessary to tightly close them. Keep the bottles sitting upright. You can also put some vaseline or cuticle oil on the outside of the bottle necks.

11. Why did my top coat brush get hard? Can I fix it? The top coat brush WILL HARDEN if it comes into any contact with activator. It is very important to wipe the surface of the nail with rubbing alcohol between activating and using the top coat. You can fix it; put the brush back into the bottle and leave it alone for a day or two. It will remedy itself. You can also purchase a "Brush Saver" product.

12. My dip is lifting after only a few days. Why? 99% of the time, this has to do with a prep issue. Make sure you are not only pushing back your cuticles, but also buffing/scraping gently to remove the loosened skin around your cuticle on the nail bed. Wash with Dawn dish soap and use a nail dehydrator or rubbing alcohol before beginning your mani. Also keep dip off of the skin; once it begins to grow away from the skin, it will lift. 

13. Can I dip short nails? Over nail tips? Yes and yes!

14. How often can I redo my nails? As often as you'd like! Just remember to remove them without damaging. 

15. My topcoat won't stay shiny or I have matte spots. Why? This is usually a timing issue between your activator and your topcoat. The following has worked for me:

Hand 1: apply dip (as many layers as you'd like, usually 3 color and 1 clear for me), activate, buff. 

Hand 2: apply dip, activate, buff

Activate all 10 fingers again. Wipe with alcohol. One quick top coat to all 10 nails. Immediately followed by another coat of top coat, more precisely.

16. What is the difference between dip liquids and gel liquids? Dip liquids do not require a UV or LED light, gel liquids do. You can use dips with either, but dip liquids will result in a much stronger mani. 

17. What's the toothpick trick? After dipping, before your base dries, run a toothpick along your cuticle line to make a clean line. 

18. What is dip flu? Some people experience respiratory issues after dipping. This is caused by the chemicals in the liquids. Different brands affect people differently. It is always best to dip in a well ventilated area and wear a mask of some type. 

19. Is cuticle oil a must? No, but it is good for your nails/cuticles/skin, especially after soaking in acetone. 





Still have a question? If so, email Sarah at ladybugnaildips@gmail.com!