Step by Step Builder Gel Instructions

1. Prep nail/cuticles

2. Apply forms (if using – you can do one finger at a time or the whole hand at once)

3. Apply a dehydrator/primer/bond (optional)

4. Apply a thin coat of gel base over the entire nail, cure for 30 seconds

5. Take a small amount of gel on your brush and put it on the center of your nail. Don’t paint the gel on like base, push it gently around your nail, or on the form if you are building tips.

6. *TIP* Before curing, hold your nail upside down for a minute (palm up). This will help you form a perfect apex. Cure for 60 seconds.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have your desired thickness. Keep in mind dip will add thickness as well and remember you still have filing to do!

8. After your final cure, wipe with alcohol

9. If using paper forms, carefully peel them off. Your nails might look scary – that’s ok!!

10. File to your desired shape/thickness. Builder gel files off quickly and easily so be careful not to over file!

11. Some people choose to end here and simply dip over their filed builder gel. I personally like to use peel base to change my manis often, so after filing I do a coat of gel top coat, and cure for 60 seconds. I then use peel base and dip like usual.